Sunday, August 14, 2011

Words Of Wisdom

Today's post is all about this little man, my son Parker. He turned 5 back in May and has just started kindergarten. My baby is getting so big!
Yesterday I decided to make a book of quotes from him. Some times the things he says is so funny, or completely out of the blue. It makes you wonder, Where did that come from?

As we were driving home from grocery shopping he said, "I think we are God's action heroes."

Wow! What a statement!

After he said that I thought I  really need to write all these things down he says before I can't remember them. So this project I'm about to show will be a work in progress. I know he will say many more things over years to come that I will want to remember when I'm 80 and when he has children of his own.
About six months ago I was trying to rush him out of the house so I could get him to daycare before I went to work. He slowed me rushing him by asking "Mommy is God real?" I thought for a moment then responded "Well Parker sometimes there are things that are real that we can not always see. For example we know we need air to breathe, but we can not see it." Then after thinking about that for a moment he responded to me, "So is it God in the Easter Bunny costume then?"
Really how cute is that!!! It caught me so off guard, here I was trying to push him out the door and then he says something so random that I just want to stop the world from moving so I can hug and kiss on him!

So here is my little book, All about Parker.
I just love the metal F plate. I don't know where you can find them. I bought it recently at my local winery Beachaven. It's made by Ganz. Ganz is a company that mostly sells gift ware. It was meant to go on things like a candle holder or a bottle. I love it when I find something neat that I know I will use in my paper crafts instead of what it was originally designed for. I decided to use the twill measuring tape as the ribbon to tie the book closed. To me it was symbolizing growth. The patterned transparency embellishment is from a collection called Lucky Me by Little Yellow Bicycle. It's discreetly glued down with Liquid Glue from

My favorite thing Parker still says is "It makes my heart happy."

Here's the back of the book. I'm not sure how it will end, but I think the last page will be a handwritten note.
A note to remind him just how much he is loved.

One of my favorite company's is Pink Paislee! I used their canvas 6x6 album to make Parker's book.
I used Mod Podge to glue the patterned paper to a piece of chipboard. I wanted this piece strong to be able to glue the twill behind it.
Ok so any suggestions on something to use for the action hero? :)