Sunday, July 1, 2012

Work In Progress

This is one of the pictures used to market the house we recently bought. None of the pictures used on the mls showed the real and very hidden potential. I don't know about you, but this did not say welcome home to me! It's in such a great neighborhood and location. It was a rental for over a year and neglected! I can only imagine how the previous owner felt seeing the condition of the house. We have been working hard making repairs and making it feel like our home!

This is one of the pictures from the home inspection. You can see that the finish was cracked and peeling off which could let water start to rot the wood. We new we had a lot of work to do to fix the house back up, but felt overwhelmed by the 26 page home inspection! The original homeowner attempted to have all the repairs needed completed. However sometimes "professionals" that are hired make repairs end up making things worse than what they were before. And some people should not DIY!!!

 We were shocked to find the columns stained a deep purple mahogany color. Instead of just maintaining the finish, the color was changed! What!?! The pillars no longer matched the front door and clashed with the bricks. This is what made us decided all the repairs that were supposed to be done before closing must stop immediately. We would do it all ourselves, so here's to work in progress...

It took me 3 days to strip, sand and stain the pillars. It was so worth all the work to get them back to the original color! It has been a bit funny to meet our new neighbors, they have thanked us for moving in.
The grass is not perfect yet, but nice to see it growing and green! I'm looking forward to fall so work on that landscaping :)

I thought I'd share our work in progress with Tatertots and Jello, Passionately Artistic and delicateCONSTRUCTION.