Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Here's a simple yet fun idea to give as a hostess gift for your Fourth of July celebrations.
Start with a mason jar, fill with blue sand, add a candle, then finish off by tying a bell and fabric to jar. Tie another piece of fabric to handles on the gift bag, add a couple of stickers, write Happy 4th and add red glitter. Easy peasy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wheatfield Lane

 There are several things that I've missed about our last house. It's only been three months now since the move. And we have done a ton of work to the new house to make it feel like home!!! 
These are just a few of the things I miss the most...


I miss my tile shower!!!
It was the most difficult project! I bought the tile at least a year before convincing Chad to help me rip out the little fiberglass shower stall to tile it. We were on vacation the week of Parker's 4th birthday. I planned the entire week out, what steps we needed to accomplish everyday. Things were going according to plan. We removed the shower stall, made the custom shower pan, and laid the travertine mosaic tile floor and waited two days before we were to start the walls. The pre-mixed grout we were sold did not dry! OMG it did not dry!!! The product we were specifically sold for tiling our bathroom shower did not dry after 2 whole days! A minimum of 24 hours was recommended. We waited 2 whole days! Chas was so angry! I cried because I wanted a tile shower so badly and the project was going down hill fast! We were no longer on schedule. I had to scrap it all out and scrub that new concrete shower pan, hoping that I would not have to break out the shower pan and start all over!!! Chad did not want to even start this project and hated it from the word go! After all the drama it turned out totally fabulous! It was at least foot wider and 18 inches deeper. It was amazing just how much more room we had in that same space. Look at the tile all the way to the ceiling, how perfect the tile was along the wall, how beautifully Chad finished the chair rail next to it!
I miss my tile shower! I can hardly wait to convince him to do it again in our new home :)

Another detail I miss is the picture frame he made around the mirrors. I know Chad will do it again soon, after some of the bigger projects are finished.
I really miss the tile in my last kitchen. I swear I fell in love with the house because of the tile! I just loved the color! Yes brown really is my favorite color. It had the most fabulous shades of brown and terracotta in it! Chad put in the under counter lighting in. I had no idea just how much I would love it until it was done!
For my Mother's Day gift he put under counter lighting in my new kitchen. Love it!!!
I'm lucky Chad is so talented! Doesn't this built in look great!

It was actually a secret door to our attic space! It looked so ridiculous before with a tiny door in the middle of the wall! He built the shelf and put it on a piano hinge with a hidden latch.


I miss everything about our back yard! The fountain was my very first Mother's Day present! Chad did such an incredible jib building it for me! I planted daffodils, red tulips, tiger lilies and variegated monkey grass all around it. The sound of the water was so soothing!


I miss the pergola Chad built and that lush green grass!


The deck really was set up for entertaining with the hot tub, fireplace all the seating and the bar. Chad is really missing his bar! He's missing having a refrigerator outside. I give it 2 months tops before he builds another! Now that it's getting crazy hot outside I'm missing the hot tub! We would cool it down during the summer and treat it like a pool. Great summer tunes like Bob Marley playing, the cool water with the jets,  Parker playing with his pirate ships.


And finally this is what Parker is missing the most. The play fort Chad built for Parker's second birthday.

It was a good neighborhood and a great home. We did so much work there that I guess we needed another project! Ha!  I'm sure these were a few of the reasons it sold within a week! We have so many fond memories from there. It was the home we lived in when Parker was born. He started kindergarten while we lived there.

I look forward to making many more great memories in our new home! I'll post some of our progess soon :)

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