Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Wishes Wallet

I saw the idea for this card on Nichole Heady's blog a long time ago.
I'm not so awesome using a sewing machine, but I'm tickled at how this card turned out. This was the card I made for my son to give to his Daddy for his 35th birthday this year.
Inside I put a couple of coin stickers for fun. I also made a gift certificate for a day of golf.

Golfer's Birthday

Whoo Hoo, I got a scor pal for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I've had fun playing with it since then. Here's part of a Birthday gift I made for my golfing Hubby for his Birthday. Here's the outside of the card and the 3x3 box. The idea for the box came from Karen Giron here...

Here's the inside of my hubby's birthday card

Happy Valentine's Day

I love this digital heart set from Verve. I saw the heart and immediately thought of a tattoo and barbed wire. Here's both the out side and inside of the card I made using the images. I wish you could see the texture on the "tan leather" card stock from Gina K Designs. LOVE IT.

Ferrell Family Crest

in progress. I can't seem to decide on how to design the border to finish my Ferrell Family Crest. The hardest part of my stained glass project was cutting and foiling the greyhound. Ugh, I broke the first one and had to cut another. Not fun, but I am very pleased with how sleek he turned out. I'd love any suggestions for the border!

My First Stained Glass Project

This is my first piece of Stained Glass. I completely understand why it is so expensive. It is very time consuming to cut, then foil before soldering together! I love the sapphire blue and emerald green together.

Advent Calendar & Snow Globe

I was so excited to find this advent calendar. It began as unfinished wood. As I began working on it my son helped by putting Cheetos inside ;)
I don't know if the stain will ever come out! lol
He just loves snow globes, but it seems they are all breakable. So I made him one. If he ever breaks this one I won't be worried about glass and the fluid they all have. I used one of the clear plastic ornaments. I put the snow man and his top hat inside with little white pom poms for the snow. I recycled a little can (from green chilies) and covered it in paper to become the base.

Love Houndstooth

I guess I'm a bit late posting this, but this is what I made for my boss for Christmas. It was simple to put together. I used a 4x6 acrylic picture frame to create the calendar/post it note desk set. The binder clips hold an pen in place. The other box contained personalized stationary with her monogram - it was a good couple hundred sheets!