Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Snowflake Tutorial

I recently was asked by Tammy of Midwest Craft Connection to do a guest posting tutorial for her website.
Needless to say I was completely honored! Thank you Tammy!
So here it is...
Today I'm going to show you how I make beaded snowflakes. 
 First start with silvertone 28 gauge wire and clear or silver beads.
 I do not bother to measure the length of wire I use. I simply strand a ton onto the spool of wire. For each loop of beads on the snowflake it ranges from 3/4" to 1".
                                     After I decide on the amount of beads I start to form a loop.
Then I twist the wire to my desired length.
The next length must be longer. Form another loop.
And twist the wire until you get back to the first one. Then you start the process over.
Alternate longer and shorter lengths. Now you can see the snowflake coming together.
Alright so now we have a snowflake. Trim the ends so that you have 2 lengths of longer wire left
In this picture you can see I stamped Peace onto navy cardstock. Position your snowflake where you want it. Then using a needle punch a couple of holes into the cardstock, very close to the center of the snowflake.
Now you can thread the extra length of wire through the cardstock to the back.
Tape the wire down flat into place.
Tadaa! You have the beginning of a snowflake card!
The next step is to adhere the card front to the cardstock. I softened the edges with some white craft ink.
 The snowflakes are so pretty on their own. Love them on my Christmas tree every year!
I hope you will check out her site!