Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wide Angle Lens Love

I'm pretty excited about the new wide angel lens I bought for my camera yesterday!
 I've been wanting one for months. I finally went to Dury's in Nashville and bought a Tamron 10-24mm lens. It made it so much easier to take a picture of my bathroom. Before I would have needed to take 3 pictures just to capture everything in this one picture.
Back in December we painted our bathroom again. Yeah, I finally got around to buy the lens so I could take this picture. This color is from Valspar, it's called Bamboo. I think it's the perfect khaki, brownish, greenish color.  Look how all the wood and molding pops now! I'm lucky to have such a large bathroom and I love the vaulted ceiling!
And look at that beautiful orchid! My friend Cheryl bought it for me over 6 weeks ago and the blooms still look fabulous!
 Back in November I posted this picture of our bathroom after adding the picture frame molding around the mirrors. Seriously look at the difference the lens makes.
Although brown is my favorite color, this shade was just not perfect. We needed more contrast between the wood and wall color.
Do you remember this picture? I still do not understand why it was used to market our home when it was fore sale. Notice how the molding is lost with that light cream color.
 It definitely feels more spa like now!