Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Backyard Retreat is Complete

I'm so happy to be finished with all the major outdoor projects! 
It's so nice to have such a wonderful space to entertain or just relax in.
Since we had the cement slabs poured at different times, Chad painted the concrete a light sand color.
To give us a little more privacy in the backyard, we built a 6 foot privacy fence that's probably about 32 feet long. We did not want to fence the entire backyard because we would lose the view of huge open field. 
 Weekends are beginning to feel more like a vacation. Now that summer is here, we've cooled the hot tub down. We can splash around in the tub while enjoying a little Bob Marley on the outdoor speakers. It's so nice having the outdoor refrigerator under the bar. We can keep plenty of drinks cold, and food to through on the grill. 

Chad did an amazing job designing and building the pergola. Not to mention the fireplace, bar and "brick rug".  I did the "easy job" of staining the fence, while he stained the pergola.
The landscaping has come such a long way since we bought our home last year!
Can you even believe it's the same place!?!