Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home Before And After

Today I thought I would show you some before & after pictures of some home improvement projects my husband Chad & I have completed. Thank you Chad! In know some of the projects (like the shower) I'll never be able to talk you into doing them again. I appreciate your skills kid :) lol

As you can see from this picture of our backyard it's nice and flat with no grass.

Our deck is now the entire length of the back of the house. On the far left we have a fireplace and a bar. The hot tub is sunk down into the deck, you can see the rust colored cover peaking up through it. The next area is open to lay out and relax. Then Chad's giant stainless steel grill. On the far right you can dine under the pergola. Chad hooked up the stereo system to play outside. We love to cool the hot tub down in the summer and listen to Bob Marley. It reminds me of a vacation in Rivera Maya Mexico.

Ah look at that lush green lawn. I'm anxious for spring. This picture shows the fort Chad built for Parker. Please ignore my poor landscaping around my fountain. lol
This was my first Mother's Day present. I'm glad I won the fight to make the shape round :)

It was so amazing to find out how much space was wasted by having a fiberglass shower stall.

You can get an idea how small it is next to the tub.

I can't imagine life without the shower now! We gained about four square feet in the same space. I bought the travertine 1 x 1 tiles a good year before talking Chad into helping me tackle this project.

Here's boring beige. Beige walls, beige carpet and beige-gray fireplace. Brass/goldtone ceiling fan. Really?

I used Walnut and Oak waterbased stains to change the look of the fireplace. Um yeah, after I started on the fireplace I thought "what was I thinking? This thing is huge." The fireplace looks so much warmer and natural now. I just love the orange walls with the hardwood flooring. And now the house feels so much cleaner without the carpet.