Monday, September 23, 2013

Going Above and Beyond for Work

Going above and beyond for work is something that Chad & I just do. It drives us crazy when we see people simply ignore things that need to be done. Sometimes it's small things, like picking up a piece of trash in the parking lot. Other times I can't believe someone will use the last of the toilet paper and not replace the roll. Really!?! I don't know about your place of employment, but the cleaning crew does not come during the day at mine. And besides if some thing needs to be done take some initiative and just do it.
Here's a great example of Chad going above and beyond at work. The signs were looking really rough and beginning to fall apart. There was actually mold and fungus growing on the signs. He took the initiative to dig up the signs and cart them home to be repaired.

Can you believe the difference! Chad had to buy new poles because the old ones were dry rotted. Chad really is pretty handy and talented. It was cool seeing him measure and router out the new poles.  It took a while to scrub all the funk off the old signs. After they were dried Chad & I put a fresh coat of paint on them. Parker supervised.
Take pride in the job you are doing. It doesn't matter how big or small it may seem. It's a reflection of who you are. Besides who wants to look like a beat up old sign! lol