Monday, September 23, 2013

Beachaven Mixed Media Art

I love painting things.
Here's my tip on deciding on a paint color, paint a piece of canvas with the color. You can hang it to see it at different times of the day and lighting conditions. No commitment. If you decide it's not the perfect shade, no big deal. You don't have to repaint a whole wall or the room again.
That's how this painting started. I was thinking about painting the half bath a terra cotta color. I still really like the color, it's just not right for the space I was originally thinking. So now I had a canvas that needed some art.
The wine bottle was made using a piece of cream cardstock. I used a soft brown ink on a script font stamp. Then hand cut the bottle shape. I peeled the label from a bottle of Budbreak Blush that came from the local winery Beachaven. They have so many wonderful wines. I love a sweet dessert wine. One of my favorites is called Cumberland White. The wine glass was created from a piece of vellum that I painted white. The scroll designs were painted on with a stencil that came from Stampin' Up!