Friday, November 16, 2012

Give Thanks

I'm still so happy we put the stone around our fireplace! I just love it!
I decided I wanted to make a banner for Thanksgiving to help show it off.

I made this banner using a paper packet called Felicity from Close To My Heart. I'm not sure how long I've had it now, but it's about time I cut it! Lol You won't believe what I used to make the base of the pennants. I used the chipboard from a 3 ring binder that was broken. I'm sure you've seen what a binder looks like once it's worn out. The plastic exterior "breaks" and starts to tear. Well inside is really heavy weight chipboard. So next time you have one that is worn out, pull out the chipboard and make something new with it. It would be perfect for things like boxes.

I used rust colored glitter on chipboard for the words Give Thanks. I just love all the colors in nature during fall. Such beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, greens and of course my favorite color brown. I try to take a week of vacation every year in November to begin making my Christmas cards and gifts. It also gives me a chance to get a really good cleaning done before family joins us for Thanksgiving dinner. For me making cards is a wonderful way to relax and express my love for the people I make them for.  I'm not sure anyone other than us card makers know just how much time can be involved in the card making process.  But I believe they know it's special because it was handmade just for them.

I hope you have the most wondeful Thanksgiving!
And that you can take time to reflect on all you are thankful for!