Friday, November 9, 2012

Bathroom Mirror Updates

Here's another glamour shot picture that was used in marketing our our when it was for sale.

And another great picture. Don't they just scream buy me. LOL!
Well at least you can see the giant corner tub, his and her vanities, and tile floor. There was no mention of the shower or separate toilet room. But do we really want to talk about that part. Maybe in a later post when the shower is tiled ;) Oh but look closely at the pictures, the curling irons are left plugged in just sitting on the counters. Isn't that brilliant.

Yes, we had to replace the counter top to get rid of the horrible burn marks.


Ok, so I did not exactly take the best before pictures, but you can see that lovely 1980's look on the mirror. Really!?! This house is not that old to have put a mirrored frame up.

So they had to come down. Chad used a damp towel and an iron to loosen the adhesive backed foam tape. Then slowly pried each mirror piece off using a hand trowel. We scrapped the rest of the foam tape off with a razor blade. As soon as that was done it was time to build and hang new frames.

It feels so much brighter and cleaner to me with the white frames around the mirrors. I love that the frames are separate on the mirror. It feels like they are hung in place. It simply looks better too because the counters are at 2 different heights. Now I need find a chair to sit and put on my war paint in the mornings.

I am so much happier with our bathroom now!
The next thing I have in mind is to rip out the shower stall, tile it, and put on a glass door.
I'm sure that project will take me a while to talk Chad into :)

I'm sharing this mirror makeover with The Stuff Of Success, and Tatertots and Jello.