Saturday, August 25, 2012

7 Things I Love About Our Garage Makeover

These are 7 things I love about our garage makeover.
#1 I love that we painted the garage walls a nice shade of tan. The block wall and floors were painted grey. It's such a nice clean space! No more icky spiderwebs and dead bugs and grime.

#2 I love that we hung cabinets. Everything has a proper home.

# 3 I love that we have a refrigerator in the garage! During the holidays this will be very handy! Chad hooked up the water to the refrigerator. Now when we are all hot and dirty from yard work we won't be dragging dirt inside to get a glass of ice water. YAY!

#4 I love the peg board! The screwdrivers, hammers and tape measures are right by the door.

#5 Chad hooked up a computer and a stereo system. We can enjoy music from his iTunes library while working in the garage. The computer monitor sits on top of the refrigerator, the stereo and speakers on top the cabinets. Easy to control with remotes :) Plus I can surf the web!

#6 The lawn mower and Parker's bike can fit in between the two garage doors. It's so organized we can both park in the garage!
#7 Chad installed a keypad outside the garage. Now when we are outside we can put the code in to open the garage doors without needing the remotes that stay inside our vehicles.

I'm sharing this with Tatertots and Jello.