Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parker's 4th Birthday

For my son Parker's 4th Birthday I made him two cakes. The first one I made and gave to him on his day you can see here ...
The one you see above I made for his party. One of his presents was the Playmobil Ghost pirate ship and island. I baked a sheet cake and covered it it cream cheese icing that I tinted blue. I frosted it to look like choppy water. The sand was created my crushing vanilla Oreo cookies. I made the treasure chest with a mini Snickers bar. The X, fishes and octopus were made from Airheads candy. Then I decorated the rest of his cake with the skeleton pirate toys.
His birthday was at the end of May, but I decided to post these pictures because I was so tickled to see the other cake and treasure map card posted on today. We did some shopping earlier in the day and saw a bunch of fall and Halloween decorations. So once we got settled at home we checked out their blog. Parker's favorite holiday is Halloween!