Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making Valentines For Kids

 Where has the time gone!?! I can hardly believe it's almost the middle of February!

Over the weekend I helped Parker with the best homework assignment!
 The assignment was simply to address Valentine's Day cards for the other kids in his class. But why not make it a bit more fun! Instead of buying some cheap and girly looking cards we made fun robot cards for his friends and teacher.

I was pretty excited getting him to smile for a picture! I normally get a mean or crazy face. lol

Here's a close up of a boy and girl robot. Some of the boys looked like they had mustaches!

 I already had all the tools plus plenty of paper, tape, glue, and googlie eyes for us to make the cards. Poor little ol' me was out of envelopes. So what else was a girl to do. I just had to go to Hobby Lobby. They ended up being out of stock on the envelope size I needed. One option would have been 25 blank cards and envelopes for $6.99. But then I found a set of 20 fun retro circle invitations and matching envelopes at $4.99 (before the 40% off coupon). Next the only other thing I needed to buy was miniature Hershey candy bars. All together it was under $7 to make 20 Valentine's Day cards. Most importantly it was a fun project to create with Parker.

First Parker stamped Happy Valentine's Day in purple ink on all the envelopes. To make the robots I randomly cut strips of gray paper for the arms and legs. I held the crimper so Parker could load it full of the strips and turn the handle. Parker cut a bunch of squares for the robot heads. For the girl robots we used "girl googlie eyes" they are so fun because they have eyelashes. To make their lips we used a paper hole punch and I cut the dots in half. Parker decided the boys cards should only have one eye. lol  He drew the noses and mouths with a black sharpie marker. Next I had him go crazy punching red hearts. He loves making a mess punching paper. I cut strips of  green and blue paper at 1.5" x 3" to cover the Hershey's chocolate bars. Parker wanted the boy robots to be green and did not want them having hearts. He glued the hearts on the girl robots. After all the cards were assembled Parker glued the extra hearts on the envelopes for the girls in his class. Then most importantly as his homework required, he addressed the envelopes for all the kids in his class. I think his friends will love them just as much as we do!

Pinned Image
This was the inspiration for our cards. I saw this cute robot card and knew I'd just have to make them!

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